An architect and urban designer, Jungku Kang specializes in the preparation of integrated urban and industrial development plans and projects in China, Middle East, South East Asia and America.

He has led the preparation of urban design, development plans and strategies for more than twenty cities worldwide.

As a senior urban designer who possesses exceptional design and architecture skills, he is in an extensive experience in both a master planning and architectural project. 

His education at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University in the City of New York and his works in the United States, China, Hong Kong and Korea have earned him numerous publications and awards, including leading design and planning of several 1st place entries for International competitions.

In additional to teach and lecture at Seoul National University, Ajou University and Kyeonggi University, he works in various fields of urban social activity.

Academic Qualifications  

Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design, Columbia University, 

Master of Eng. In Architecture, Ajou University


Professional Experience

HDB Korea , Partner, 2017-present

Adjunct Professor, Kyeonggi University, 2017-present

Urban Design Network I.D.E.A, 2011-present

AECOM Hong Kong, 2014-2016

AECOM Beijing, 2009-2013

EDAW|AECOM New York, 2008-2009

Dongwoo Architecture and Consultants, 2002-2007

Honors + Awards

2nd Prize, Taean 3block Traditional Village Masterplan,2014

Honorable mention, International Competition for Osong Biovalley Masterplan, 2011

Prizewinner, Riverfront City Vision Competition, 2009

Lucille Smyser Lowenfish Memorial Prizes, Graduate with Design Award, Columbia University, 2008

Design Award, 1st Housing Competition, Seoul Metropolitan Development Corporation , 2000

3rd Prize, 7th Housing Competition, Hyundai Development Company, 2000

1st Prize, 6th Housing Competition, Hyundai Development Company, 1999

Honorable mention, 5th Housing Competition, Hyundai Development Company, 1998

Honorable mention, 34th Exhibition of Gyeonggi Architecture, Korea, 1998

Honorable Academic Research Fellowship, Ajou University, 2000-2001


Jungku Kang